Managed Network Security

Your data is the most valuable thing you own. Protect it!

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If you’re not closely monitoring your data, someone else probably is.

Network and data security presents an ongoing and essential challenge. Unfortunately, with limited staff and competing priories, many organizations are not adequately protected; especially given ongoing cloud migrations and mobile environments. That’s why it makes more sense than ever to seek outside security expertise.

Endpoint Protection

The easiest point of entry for a security threat is the devices (endpoints) your employees use on a daily basis. Whether it is anti-virus, anti-malware, or anti-ransomware, we have you covered and you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Firewalls & Security Gateways

A firewall is your best defense from malicious Internet traffic coming in to or leaving from your network. We can build the safest and most secure networks, with the best Next Generation Firewalls available, to help keep your data safe.

End-User Training

Opening an email that shouldn’t be opened or clicking a link that shouldn’t be clicked is the most common way that a network gets infected. We offer end-user training to help combat this vector of attack and keep intruders out.

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