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What is wireless network deployment?

There’s nothing worse than a spotty or ineffective wireless network. You require consistent, secure connectivity throughout your offices and across multiple facilities so users can access company resources and work efficiently without interruption. CITE specializes in exactly that—deploying rock-solid wireless connectivity at an affordable price. Whether you’re a small, growing business that requires one access point, or a large enterprise with multiple locations or an extensive coverage area—we’ll execute a top-quality solution.

Access Specialized Expertise

Designing a cost-effective network that supports your growing needs isn’t a simple task. We’ll lay out a network that balances your data requirements and growth expectations while keeping your budget firmly in mind.

Seamlessly Share Resources

A well-designed network allows users to share data, as well as resources like bandwidth. We’ll create a solution that makes it easy to share information efficiently, as well as get the most of your network’s capabilities.

Easily Manage Usage

While your Internet and data network can be a major asset, it can also invite distractions and has the potential for misuse. We’ll assist with drafting a network/Internet usage policy, as well as install monitoring systems that allow enforcement.

Network and Protocol Analysis, Wireless Network Monitor Services and More

Wireless Network Architecture and Deployment

Coverage Analysis and Remediation

Wireless Security Auditing and Hardening

Large-Scale Enterprise Wireless Mesh

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